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  • Artist: Kanye West
  • Tracks: (1)
  • Release Date: July 22nd
  • Year: 2020
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Kanye West DONDA : WITH CHILD Album Download

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Donda: With Child is the tenth studio album by American rapper and record producer Kanye Omari West popularly known as "Kanye West", scheduled for release on July 24.

Late Monday night, the 43-year-old rapper tweeted out a picture of another 12-melody tracklist for his next Album, Donda, which he claims will be discharged on Friday.

The new Album title, which is named after his late mother, is a change after he said a month ago that his next record would be called God's Country.

Despite the fact that the new Donda tracklist doesn't show West's ongoing Travis Scott-highlighted single, "Wash Us in the Blood," it incorporates "Donda," which he discharged a week ago to pay tribute to what might have been his late mother's 71st birthday (She kicked the bucket in November 2007).

Different tunes on the tracklist incorporate "Off the Grid," "Recognition God," Space X," Lord I Need You," "New Body," "I Know God Breathed On This," "Remain on Em," and "God's Country."

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Kanye West DONDA (WITH CHILD) Traclisting

1. Kanye West – Donda

2. Kanye West – I Feel Terrific

3. Kanye West – Futur Bounce

4. Kanye West – Keep My Spirit Alive

5. Kanye West – Lord I Need You

6. Kanye West – Off the Grid

7. Kanye West – Skmrrr

8. Kanye West – In God's Country

9.Kanyeest – God's Country

10.Kanye West – Welcome to My Life

11.Kanye West – Up from the Ashes

12.Kanye West – Tell the Vision

13. Kanye West – Wash Us in the Blood

14.Kanye West – Everything

15.Kanye West – New Body

16. Kanye West – Hold the Line

17. Kanye West – Praise God

18. Kanye West – Life of the Party

19. Kany West – Hurricane

Kanye West DONDA : WITH CHILD Album Tracklist


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