Legends Never Die (LLJW)
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  • Artist: Juice Wrld
  • Tracks: (18)
  • Release Date: July 7th
  • Year: 2020
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It's been simply over a large portion of a year since Juice WRLD died out of nowhere because of what seems to have been a coincidental overdose, and in the months since, his family and group have not quit giving fans new music to appreciate. Presently, the rapper's first after death Album has at last been reported, and it's coming in only a couple of days (Friday) titled "LEGEND NEVER DIE".

WRLD's new full-length Legends Never Die is scheduled to show up this coming Friday (July 10), and the set is gone before by another single which showed up with no notice. The hip-jump ability's track "Life's A Mess" is accessible now on hipplayer.com, and it includes pop artist Halsey.

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Legends Never Die will be WRLD's third independent Album, following two he discharged during his lifetime. Both "Goodbye and Good Riddance" and "Death Race for Love" were huge victories, as they crested at Nos. 4 and 1, separately, on the Billboard 200. In the middle of those two activities, he collaborated with individual rapper Future for Wrld On Drugs, which barely missed managing everything on the all-type count, slowing down at No. 2.

juice wrld album cover art was created and released by his management and fam

While an official tracklist hasn't yet been shared, all things considered, Legends Never Die will highlight both "Equitable" and "Disclose to Me U Luv Me" with Trippie Redd. The two singles were discharged after his passing, and they had a prominent effect on the Hot 100, as "Life's A Mess" most likely will also.

Legends Never Die is everything except ensured to make it to No. 1 on the Billboard 200, as WRLD stays a massively mainstream figure and the title doesn't seem to confront a lot of rivalry from other new endeavors from significant stars. #LLJW LONG LIVE JUICE WRLD

juice wrld new album release dateis Friday July 10th and All Tracks on Juice WRLD Legend never die Album will be available here on hipplayer.com for your fast and free download


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by: Juice Wrld

Screw Juice

by: Juice Wrld

Bad Energy

by: Juice Wrld

Wishing Well

by: Juice Wrld

Can’t Die

by: Juice Wrld


by: Juice Wrld

Stay High

by: Juice Wrld

Man Of The Year

by: Juice Wrld

Up Up And Away

by: Juice Wrld


by: Juice Wrld

Fighting Demons

by: Juice Wrld

I Wan’t It

by: Juice Wrld


by: Juice Wrld

Come & Go

by: Juice Wrld

Life’s A Mess

by: Juice Wrld


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